6 Raisons de manger des Œufs

Why Are Eggs Great for Exercise? 

The nutrition profile is one reason to choose eggs as a regular part of your diet. These little nuggets of food are packed with a wide range of nutrients and plenty of protein without too many calories or fat. Here are some other great reasons to include more eggs in your meals and snacks: 

Eggs Are Complete Proteins

The human body cannot make all the amino acids necessary for a full complement of functional proteins. The essential amino acids must be consumed in the diet, and a food with all of them is a complete protein. An egg provides all essential amino acids in a couple of bites. 

An Egg is a Lean Protein Source

Eggs are good sources of protein without adding too much fat to your diet. You need some fat, of course, but if you are trying to maintain or change body composition, too much fat can be detrimental. An egg provides 7 grams of protein with just 5 grams of fat. 

Eggs are Nutrient-Dense, But Calorie-Light

When trying to build muscle and limit or lose fat, the last thing you want is a high-calorie snack. Eggs provide protein and a lot of other nutrients with just 70 to 80 calories depending on size. It’s one of the most calorie-efficient foods for protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

Eggs Are Filling

Eggs are far more satiating than their meager 70 to 80 calories suggest. Just a couple of eggs can leave you satisfied and full for hours. This is great if you are trying to avoid junk food, lose weight, or just make it to the next meal without reaching for another snack.

It’s Easy to Add Carbs to Eggs for a Complete Workout Food


Eggs do not have carbs, but the best snacks for fuel and recovery do. It’s easy to add carbs to get the perfect balance:

Put a poached egg on whole grain bread or bagel. 

Mix leftover rice or quinoa into an omelet. 

Heat up frozen broccoli to eat with eggs. 

Make scrambled eggs with beans. 

Prep cooked sweet potatoes at the start of the week and eat half with an egg after a workout.

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